Info Vanavond zal dit forum tijdelijk gesloten zijn.

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Op het moment dat je de melding krijgt dat er er een forumupdate bezig is, is dat inderdaad de reden.

Mijn eigen forum was in totaal 6 minuten gesloten en draaide daarna in de nieuwste XenForo versie.


Zoals dat gaat met nieuwe forumsoftware, er zullen eerst nog weer updates komen die verbeteringen inhouden, nu steeds meer forumeigenaars XF 2.0 gebruiken en dus de gebruikerservaringen nu echt gaan meetellen.

Some of the fixes in 2.0.2 include:
  • The vBulletin importer has extensive changes, fixing issues including:
    • Double UTF8 conversion and text handling issues are now resolved
    • Performance is dramatically improved for the vB5 importer
    • vB4 blog attachments are now handled (and in fact, importing from vB4 with blog into XF2 will actually recover the vB3-blog attachments that went missing when you upgraded to vB4!)
    • Previously missed content is now fetched
    • vB5 conversations are properly imported
  • Improved compatibility with standards
  • Image resizing errors fixed
  • Improved handling of legacy user upgrade purchases
  • Improved purchase cancellation handling
  • Added missing code language phrases
  • Improved keyboard shortcut handling
  • Fixed canonicalisation of URLs under IIS
  • Fix for webkit browsers related to h-scroller
  • Display of attachments in quick thread fixed
  • Fixed handling of AJAX filtering when no results are returned
  • Fixed Tweet embed handling
  • Fixed potential infinite loop in the colour picker system
  • Improved IE flexbox handling
  • Fixed reference to non-existent post_above ad position
  • Support for setting javaScriptUrl in config.php
  • Fixed post edit history handling
  • Handle spam-cleaner-deleted users better
  • Fixed error relating to moving deleted/moderated posts
  • Added an index on xf_conversation_master.start_date for improved performance
  • New filters zerofill() and pad() available in the Templater
  • Twitch media embed handling improved
  • Fixed calls to CONVERT (%s USING utf8) to use utf8mb4 when necessary
  • Fixed invisible thread prefixes imported from XF1 to be visible
  • Add-on releases can now include .htaccess files
  • Fixed select-to-quote tooltip for mobile browsers
  • Update to Froala editor 2.7.4, lots of related bugs fixed
See the resolved 2.x bug reports forum for further information.

The following public templates have had changes:
  • app.less
  • app_body.less
  • approval_item_resource_version
  • base_custom_field_list
  • bb_code_preview
  • conversation_message_macros
  • core.less
  • core_hscroller.less
  • core_labels.less
  • core_tooltip.less
  • editor_base.less
  • forum_post_quick_thread
  • google_analytics
  • helper_action
  • helper_criteria
  • helper_user_search_criteria
  • import_index
  • import_step_config_vbulletin
  • log_sitemap_list
  • log_spam_cleaner_list
  • log_spam_cleaner_restore
  • member_stat_edit
  • message.less
  • node_list.less
  • option_macros
  • option_template_registrationWelcome
  • payment_profile_paypal
  • post_macros
  • thread_view
  • tools_rebuild
  • user_title_ladder_list
  • user_upgrade_active_downgrade
  • user_upgrade_manual
  • widget_members_online


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